Barnett Forensic Services, Inc. provides clients with the highest quality services in engineering, product liability fire/explosion investigatios and motor vehicle crash reconstruction.  Our investigations and reports are completed in an expeditious manner, at competetive rates.  Up-to-date computer engineering programs are utiized when applicable.  We are bonded, insured, and hold a license as a private detective company. We are licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.

Fire/Explosion Investigation

Our firm's investigators have the knowledge and expertise to
handle cases from the smallest structure/vehicle fire to
large commercial fires.

Crash Reconstruction

Preserving the scene and evidence is a vital component to crash reconstruction.  Our expert reconstructionists are employed to conduct in-depth collision analyses and reconstruction to identify the collision causation and contributing factors in different types of collisions, including the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), roadway and the environment.

Engineering Services

Engineering covers a wide range of services we offer including
Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering, and
Metallurgical/Chemical Analysis.